5 Reasons Why You Should Sell On Your Own Platform

Sooner or later every lesson has to be learnt and you will keep bumping into the same problems or you will postpone things till you correct the mistakes you make.

That is as true for making money online, building a new online business or selling online as it is for any other area of our lives.

I recently had to learn this the hard way because I’ve posponed building a better foundation of my own platform and assets and relied my business mostly on thrid parties selling platforms.

Many of you already know me and you also know that my main business is creating and seeling online courses. I’ve been doing this for almost three years now and I can say that this business has opened a wolrd of new opportunities for me as an online entrepreneur.

Every year I try to learn how to make more money and I start to build a new online business because I know how volatile our enviroment is and how important it is to have multiple income streams online. Last year that meant for me going into the cryptocurrency and ICOs space and Internet Marketing Launches with affiliates.

I know that for every new online business that I start it’s important to build a solid foundation and to have control as much as possible on every aspect of the business, especially the customer base.

That’s why, when I started with selling online courses I knew that slowly I will have to start building my own platform and redirect my audience from different markeplaces to my home base.

As you can guess, I’ve postponed this because I was to busy creating and selling the courses and that is how month after month have passed and not even to this day my home base (website) is not working at full capacity.

I would probably have continued like this but than the hit came, 3 weeks ago! One of my seller accounts on one of the markeplaces I was using was shut down and will never be reopened again…

This was not my main source of income anymore but still, I’ve invested a lot of work and effort in that platform and I was earning passive income from there, so it was a big deal for me.

In my mind I know it was my fault all along because I had over 15k followers on this platform and my only focus was to build on that markeplace new courses for them, to earn on the short term, instead of building my website and redirecting a part of them there.

I know now that this was just another way, the hard way, for me to learn an important business lesson, to build a solid foundation and have as much control over my business as possible.

This costs me a couple of thousdands dollars on the long run but that’s life, some of the lessons we have to learn don’t come cheap…

Is it harder to build your own selling platform and home base? YES

Is it harder to market on your own and not rely on markeplaces? HELL YEAH…

Is it worth in the end? OF COURSE!

The most successful sellers have their own platforms and control 100% of their business and that’s what we have to do.

So remember this, it is ok to start with marketplaces, it will help you get initial traction, but start to build your own platform as soon as possible!


To your success,
Sorin Constantin


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    1. Hey man,

      It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to make a big thing out of it, the whole point is that you need to focus on building your own platform and have as much control as possible.

  1. Hello dear Sorin Constantin,
    Congratulations on work and more for this wonderful tip.
    Take this opportunity to ask you if you know any MLM management platform. we are launching our business and we are selecting one that has the best conditions. Your Brazilian and our company was established in the USA and our plan is to reach some other countries.

    Thank you and I wish you much success!

    1. Hey William,

      I do not know any MLM management platforms but I think you can find plenty if you google it. Leave me your skype id, if you want we can discuss more there.

    1. Yup,

      It is good to start with but while you are progressing try as much as possible to switch lanes.

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