5 Ways To Get More Internet Traffic To Your Website or Business

Everyone knows that internet traffic is the lifeblood of any online business or business that wants to make sales online.

You can have the best website, service and product but if you don’t have enough internet traffic you won’t make sales. It’s just like with tradition shops, if they don’t get enough customers in to see their products they won’t be able to sell because they don’t have to whom.

Obviously, there are maney other important elements that you have to put together in order to build a successful business but web or internet traffic is the cornerstone of your business.

Many people are confused or don’t know where to start when it comes to internet traffic generation and strategies and that is why I’ve written this small article for you, so that you can get this to work for you easier.

So, without further ado, here are some of the easiest 5 methods to start generating internet traffic for your business.

  1. SEO Basic Tactics For Your Website. This is a method (or process) that can drive free unlimited internet targeted traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. Most people when they are looking for something online they use a search engine as you probably already know. The biggest of them all is Google and that is why many of the SEO specialists out there are focused on optimizing websites for Google. What does SEO stands for? It means Search Engine Optimization. Pretty simple right? The truth is that top SEO strategies are not simple, it’s a whole process to follow but even someone who is a beginner can do some basic things to get free traffic from google. Here are a few of the basic methods you can use: create your sitemap, create a meta title and description for your website, get some good backlinks to your website (bigger websites from your niche have to have links on them that go to your websites), create a lot of original and good content (articles, videos, etc. using keywords for your niche) and get some shares and presence for your website on social media. This way google will start to look at your website and your free internet traffic will increase.

    2. Forum Posting. This is probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways, actually it’s free, to drive internet traffic to your offers. Most forums out there let you have a signature in which you can write something about yourself including a link to your website. If you post on a regular basis on different topics on forums in your community and industry than you can get lots of free internet traffic. This will not happen overnight, you have to be consistent with it and really provide valuable answers and information to your niche or industry collegues but it can definitely worth your while as you will grow as an authority figure in front of them and many will be interested to find out more about you and what you do so they will visit your website to check you out.3. Guest Posting. If you are very good at content creation especially article writing, and don’t worry, even if you feel like you are not at the moment, you can become in time, than you can find different blogs on the web in your niche and talk to the owners to have you as a gues writer on a specific topic or for an article their audience would be interested in. Another way to do this is to already have a very good big article on a specific topic or subject and than to make a smaller one for guest posting and link that guest post to the big article so that people can go and find out more information. This is also really helpful because it will help you with link building which will increase your authority on Google as a website. That way, indirectly you will get more free organic traffic from searches on google to, just make sure you use good keywords in your article. Obviously you can do as many guests posts as you wish and you can consider this a sort of affiliate marketing but without comissions, just on traffic. At some point you might be asked by other people to have them as guest writers and it’s nothing wrong with helping them out if the content is really good. This can be a valuable internet traffic source for you so definitely have a look at it.

    4. PR campaigns. It used to be simple but somehow spammy in the past to get PR campaigns runing for your business to drive more internet traffic as people considered that publishing their sites in website directories is actual PR…which it isn’t. Anyway, good PR means to have a great piece of article about launching your website, service, products or offers but in a “news style” and getting that published on major online publications from your country or international ones. If these are done right thet can bring you a lot of internet traffic, thousands of visitors which can become your clients. I’ve seen this strategy applied with great success a couple of times so that is why I consider this is something that you really want to try.

    5. PPC traffic. I bet you already know a whole bunch of information about this method, especially about Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. This can be one of the fastes and easiest way to drive internet traffic but if you use these two networks it can be pretty tough to get the desired results. They are very competitive and with a bunch of algorythms that are continously changing and you must also be updated on what’s new with them. On the other hand there are plenty of smaller networks out there that are much cheaper and which can get you the same type of results or even better. Something that I’ve been testing to drive some internet traffic to my offers and site and works pretty good at a resonable price is Bing Ads. Anyway, you have plenty of networks that you can test, a simple search on google will show you many opportunities to do so.

    These are the top 5 methods I recommend you to try especially if you are just starting out. They are pretty easy to implement, some of them can be outsourced and they also can bring you good results pretty fast.

    I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you found it helpful and I am looking forward to see your comments on this one.

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