One Thing Leads To Another

Hey and welcome back to my blog.

I’ve decided to make this post because just the other day I realized how much we are connected to each other but also how much events, opportunities and situations are connected one to the other.

This is not one of those long posts where you have a lot to read (I know, everyone is busy these days) but it will rather a short one underlining the importance that some appearently minor elements from our lives actually have in our lives. It’s simply…life changing!

My journey with creating and selling digital products, especially online courses started almost 3 years ago and it started as a simple test. This simple test turned out in time to become my main business and it helped to generate over 6 figures in less than 3 years.

I know, it’s not Ferrari money but it’s PASSIVE INCOME (that means that if I stop doing anything now I still make money) and it allows me to have the FREEDOM that I always wanted because it is a Job Replacing Income.

Anyway, we deviated a little from the main topic here so let’s come back. After I started my online courses business, because I was looking for affiliates, I found a sales page of a digital product (software) and on that sales page the name of a guy that was romanian, the same nationality like me.

I decided to contact this guy on Facebook and ask him if he knows about the platform where I was selling the courses and if he knows any affiliates that can promote me. Surprisingly he had no idea about the platform but he liked my videos and said that he wants to keep in touch so that we might work together in the future…and that happened. Because of this guy I’ve met another guys who lives in the same city as me and was doing the same business models and from this guy I’ve learnt more and I’ve met other people and ended up in June 2017 to have my first digital product launch with affiliates, a product launch which grossed over 23k in sales.

Meanwhile one of my students from my online courses wanted me to have 1 on 1 coaching with him and I agreed. We did it for 2 or 3 months and we are good friends now. One year after our coaching ended this student contacted me and we started to work together on promoting a physical event and training sold for around 2500$. It was a collaboration which already generated for me around 10k and still continues to this day.

Now, in March 2018, 2 years and 8 months later from testing my first online course, I have over 30 courses launched, 70k+ students from all around the world, I promote physical trainings, I’ve collaborated with almost 10 different instructors from around the world, I’ve launched 5+ products with affiliates and I’ve worked a few times with 7 Figures Internet Marketers.

For some of you this might not be impressive and it doesn’t have to, that is not the point. The purpose is to show how many good things can come out of one small thing you do at a specific time, and this thing for me was that first test, that first small course I launched.

This really shows that one thing leads to another. I am excited about what comes next for me but for you to, we live in a wolrd full of opportunities, and we are all connected somehow.

To your success,
Sorin Constantin

PS: I never thought about the impact that some of my work will have in other people’s lives but some of my coaching students are already making money from their online courses and they are changing their lives and the ones of their students forever!

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